Friday, December 09, 2005


Polar Places
Two regions of the planet are clearly polar: the Arctic and the Antarctic. But alpine regions of the world also experience extremes of climate with frozen forms of water.

Indeed, frozen water is the primary quality of a polar place, (although some polar regions are also dry as a desert.)

If you live in a place with snow in the winter, you know the polar experience. And even if you live in the tropics and never see snow, you are connected to the polar world. Live on any coastline in the world? Melting icecaps—caused in part by heat from the tropics moving into higher latitudes—will be rising in the coming generations, directly impacting those who live on those coastlines.

The Polar Post is dedicated to all things polar, and especially the gobal linkages and teleconnections that connect everything to everything, in one way or another.

In coming posts, we'll explore a wide range of ways the poles relate to our everyday lives... and how our everyday lives inpact the poles.


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