Sunday, December 11, 2005

Keep it Cool

Of all the inventions that revolutionized the 20th century, right up there with cars and airplanes, dependent on energy, usually electricity, is refrigeration. Being able to plug in a box and mimic a controlled polar environment, where one can preserve foods and other "perishables" that would rot and/or loose their freshness, is a major jump in the evolutionary ladder, right up there with going to the moon and large-scale cumbustion of fossil fuels.

The fridge in the photo is from Senator Richard Lugar's web site from an outing to Albania. The contents? "This freezer at Pokrov houses various strains of anthrax and other deadly pathogens. The freezer is located next to a window with one small security alarm attached. Nunn-Lugar funds have helped increase security at this facility so vaccine research can safely continue." Hmmmm. Good. I know I have some strange things in the back of my fridge, and unknown frozen stuff in the depths of the freezer, but no strains of anthrax.


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